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Your favorite albums of all time, now with tacos

If you were desperately hoping for a Tuesday afternoon diversion that combined your love of music with your love of tacos, have we got great news for you. Welcome to the wonderful world of Album Tacos.

WTF are Album Tacos, you ask? It's exactly what it sounds like: Your favorite album covers of all time, now with added tacos photoshopped in. The off-the-wall Tumblr blog appears to be the work of the pranksters of the Hood Internet, and it's a fun, goofy way to relive some classic album art. With tacos.

What's weird is how at-home the tacos look in many of the images. Just look at that Sonic Youth cover -- can you even picture it without a taco now? Or have a look at this:

If Warhol had had a different lunch, this could be the cover of the Velvet Underground's classic debut. On the other hand, some are just ... bizarre, like this taco-headed Neutral Milk Hotel cover.

There's more than two dozen others to enjoy over at Album Tacos, and it's a fine way to spend your lunch hour. Now, if you'll excuse us, it's time for our lunch. We're suddenly very hungry -- for tacos.