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Share your sensibilities at Hard Drive

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Earlier this summer, a group of DJs started getting together for an informal round table of sorts at City O'City. Inspired by a party they admired in West London called "CDR," a trio of DJs, A-What, Musa and Peter Black, began meeting to play music for one another and talk about the songs each of them had been playing in their sets.

"Many of the parties we get booked for are specific formats," Black explains, "a chill-wave/indie gig, a witch-house party, electro or Bass music night etc. We felt if we sat down and discussed what we played in our sets, we could share what caused the best reactions with dancers, as well as piqued the ears of our listeners.

"Obviously, it's pretty easy for anyone to surf the web and shop online," notes Black, "but regional tastes are cultivated and informed by a lot of our own local influences and taste-makers and vary to a slight degree from the way others play/perform in Baltimore, LA or NYC, despite the global link."

The gatherings have been so successful that the DJs have opened them up to other working DJs and producers who would like to take part in the discussion. Things are still pretty informal at this point; if you'd like to attend, make your way to the Meadowlark tonight at 9 p.m. If you come, bring a top ten list of the hottest tracks in your arsenal whether they're original or commercial.

As things evolve and the Hard Drive swap meet grows, there's talk of creating a forum to play new tracks from local producers, as well as offer remixes for critique from an audience of peers.