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Breathe Carolina: Kid tested, mom approved

There's nothing like having the endorsement of mom -- or having her tell you in no uncertain terms that she's going to kick your ass if you let her or the 2,000 kids who are assembled to watch your band down by not, well, kicking ass. Such was the lot of David Schmitt last weekend, when his band, Breathe Carolina -- who latest effort, Hello Fascination, released today and already in the iTunes Top 20 -- stopped by Invesco Field on the Warped Tour for a hometown show. Peep mom rocking a Breathe Carolina shirt embroidered with the words "David's Mom" across the shoulders. Think she's proud of her boy? Maybe just a little. Check out the clip above, prominently featured on MySpace's music page, to see this and other assorted hijinks including John from Fearless, the outfit's record label, tossing his cookies, and Schmitt and company getting their rock on at a rest stop in Sweetgrass, Montana.