Free Christmas music from Kissing Party

What's more festive than giving away music? Nothing, as far as we're concerned, which is why we're raising our wassail to the Kissing Party and its dark new Christmas song, "Winter in the Pub." The Kissing Party is generally a summer sort of band. This year's The Hate Album is full of brilliant pop music, somber in message but upbeat in delivery. "Winter in the Pub" is a different beast, a slower, diffuse song with twinkling guitars and keys and blanketing vocals from Gregg Dolan and Deidre Sage.

The lyrics are pretty lonely ("I'm drunk, I'm drunk/So kill me now."), but we're sure plenty of people could use an alternative to the treacly cheeriness of Christmas standards.

This isn't the first time a member of the Hot Congress collective has offered up free Christmas music. Last year, Jon Evans of Achille Lauro and Action Packed Thrill Ride created a seven-song EP of warped Christmas classics called Jon Evans Wishes You A Merry Christmas. That's also available as a free download from Hot Congress. Get it here.

MP3: "Winter In the Pub" - Kissing Party