MP3 Freeloader: Jen Korte CD release tonight at Walnut Room

​What more can we say about Jen Korte's new CD? As we've already expressed, it's work of sheer beauty that utterly consumed us the first time we heard it. A year in the making, Korte recorded the self-titled disc at Blue Tower Studio with band mate Jim Ruberto. It was delibertately scrapped at least once because it just didn't feel like the record she wanted.

"So we started all over, recording most of the tracks live," says Korte. "I would say about 80 percent of the album is live. We weren't sure if recording live was going to work in that space Mainly because it was small and hard to seperate the instruments and not have them bleeding into the mics. We knew going that route, there wasn't going to be much room to fix errors. So it was a huge risk as far as time is concerned. Jim was a great assest to have as the engineer, because being in the band, he knew what it was supposed to feel like. It really was the best decision."

If you haven't already, check out the profile on Korte in this week's paper. We've posted a track from the new record for your downloading pleasure after the jump. The song in question was recorded in one take, reports Korte. After twelve subsequent takes, she says, none matched the performance of the first. Download "Fleeting" after the jump, and then pick up a copy for yourself tonight at the Walnut Room.

Download "



" by Jen Korte and the Loss