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Relive the Mile High Music Fest on YouTube

If you missed the Mile High Music Fest -- and I did too, thanks to a wedding that was occurring simultaneously -- or if you were there, but were just so trashed your memories are hazy, you can relive it in glorious lo-fi, shaky-cam glory on YouTube. A quick search for "Mile High Music Fest" revealed around fifty videos uploaded today -- most of them of Tool's Saturday performance, especially ironic given their management's steadfast refusal to let us take pictures. There's also a healthy dose of videos of Incubus and a handful from acts including the Black Keys, Gogol Bordello and Ben Harper mixed in for good measure. After the jump, enjoy a video of Tool's opener "Jambi" taken from the front rows (might need to enjoy it in a timely manner -- these could all be down once the copyright cops catch wind).