Lost Lake Lounge plays host to evil twins Il Cattivo and Glass Hits

Ever since the halcyon days of Star Trek (the original series), pop culture has loved the idea of the evil twin. And in our top flier this week, we are given a prime example of evil twin-ness.

Using what appears to be a paunchy Stacy Keach as a model, our designer has cleverly forgone the typical evil-twin indicating goatee (let's face it, that might have been menacing in the '60s, but goatees are pretty passe these days) for some whited-out eyes and horns.

Our good, old-timey circus wrestler representing Glass Hits (featuring Greg Daniels formerly of Vaux) and his evil twin representing Il Cattivo (the new local supergroup featuring Brian Hagman of Black Lamb, Neil Keener of Planes Mistaken for Stars/Git Some, Matt Bellinger of PMFS and his former Ghost Buffalo bandmate Jed Kopp and Holland Rock-Garden of Machine Gun Blues and Red, Orange, Yellow) stand shoulder to shoulder, as if to face off together against some other, all-consuming threat.

It's kind of like when the X-Men and Magneto's Brotherhood of Mutants team up to face the Sentinels or something. Or maybe they're just teaming up to rock the fuck out to some post-punk at the Lost Lake Lounge. Hard to say, really.

The image is great, and the design supporting it is superb as well. The weird, Escher-esque frame that surrounds the twins gives a nice illusion of three-dimensionality. The placement of the band names underneath the figures associates each one with one of the acts nicely, as mentioned. And the font usage and distressed type effects are solid choices as well. All told, this flier is full of win.

(Check out Glass Hits below.)