Meet Tennis, your new favorite band

Update, 11/08/10: See cover art and get other details regarding Cape Dory, Tennis's eagerly-anticipated forthcoming debut on Fat Possum Records.

Remember a couple years ago when the Young Coyotes first hit the scene and the almost deafening insta-buzz that followed? Meet Tennis, this year's Young Coyotes -- not to mention your new favorite band.

The similarities here are a little uncanny: Like that band, this group is a scaled down operation that arrived fully formed and seemingly out of nowhere. What's more, Tennis is instantly likable, and the primary attraction of its vibrant pop sound is simple yet utterly delectable melodies and harmonies.

A husband and wife duo comprised of Alaina Moore and Patrick Riley, Tennis is a brand new outfit. According to Moore, the pair has only been playing music together since December.

Spurred by a seven-month sailing trip the two took together on the Eastern seaboard, the couple started writing songs as "sort of a soundtrack for our experiences," she explains. After meeting in college, the twosome pulled together money ("inspired by the fact that we had both grown up landlocked," she notes) and bought an old sailboat in Florida, and then hit the high seas until the money ran out and they landed back in Denver.

A few weeks ago, the pair posted some tunes online and received an immediate response, attracting the attention of Gorilla vs. Bear and Pitchfork almost immediately. Haven't had the chance to catch Tennis live yet (the band's next gig is on Friday, July 2, at the Meadowlark), but you can bet we're eager to do so.

As for the sailing part, Alaina and Patrick plan to be back in the water at some point soon, which means they're moving towards a more transient life. That said, better enjoy these guys while you can. In the meantime, look for a 7-inch from Tennis on Woodsman's Firetalk label, and another on the Underwater Peoples imprint.


"Marathon," by Tennis

"Marathon," by Tennis