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Have yourself a Merry dubstep Christmas

Every holiday season, almost as sure as you can count on Christmas falling on December 25, you can depend on some obsessive, Griswold-wannabe somewhere crafting a lighting display that makes all the previous standouts from past years seem like also-rans. You know the type -- the kind that literally stops traffic and transforms their normally tranquil suburban enclave into a slice of the Vegas strip.

This year's entry: The Cornell Family at 223 E Cornell Drive in Meridian, Idaho. It took two months and 35,000 LED lights to set up and requires four, sixteen-channel, Light o Rama controllers to operate. If you're a dubstep disciple, you're totally going to dig this, as the illumination is queued to "First of the Year (Equinox)" by Skrillex. We must say, it's pretty rad -- even if we're thankful these cats are not our neighbors. Page down to have a look.

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