Drag the River offers a sneak peek of its next album on 2010 Demons

Ever wonder what a Drag the River album sounds like before it gets tracked with drums and amps? Wonder no more. The band has made almost half of the 24 tracks that are being recorded for a new studio album due out next year available for download on its Bandcamp page.

The songs are from 2010 Demons -- a ten-track limited vinyl pressing (500 copies) slated for release on Germany's Hometown Caravan, which will later be re-recorded for a brand-new studio album to be released next year -- and are available for whatever price you'd like to pay, as long as it's over fifty cents. Click through to give a listen.

The recordings have the feel of an old Doc Watson or Pete Seeger recording in that many of the tracks start with a cough, a ramble or a false start. A few of the songs are lovely in the stripped-down state, especially "Because It's My Heart" and "Hale Chord." Some of them, like "History With History," will certainly benefit from the addition of drums, but even in its current form, it's a fantastic track. Drag the River has always been likable for its cross-genre appeal, clearly rooted with the songwriting sensibilities of punk, but also deeply ingrained with classic folk. Overall, 2010 Demons offers a promising set of tracks, even in their raw form.

<a href="">2010 Demons by Drag the River</a>