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Bobby Smith and Bob Rupp of the Mighty 18 Wheeler form new band with Jeff Black

New band alert: Not so sure about the name and we have yet to hear a single note of the music, but the lineup certainly sounds promising. We just received word from Bobby Smith of the Mighty 18 Wheeler that a new band is afoot. S.L.U.T., as the new outfit has been dubbed, features Smith and his TM18W bandmate, Bob Rupp, a scene veteran who has played with too many bands to mention, Chris Cheiffo of Dirt Poor Kings, and back from being a face on a milk cartoon, the illustrious Mr. Jeff Black of the similarly monikered Jett Black, who reportedly looks and sounds better than ever, according to Uncle Ruppy. No word yet on when the combo will be making its debut, but we'll keep you posted. As far as the music, well, the acronym evidently stands for Sleazy, Loud, Ultra-Trashy, if that gives you any indication of what's in store.