Free download: Hollagramz Galactic Leash EP

Hollagramz might currently be touring around the country at the moment, but that hasn't stopped the group from dropping a new EP, which is available for free download. The two song effort, dubbed Galactic Leash EP, is a bit more subdued than a lot of the act's previous work, but that doesn't make it any less otherworldly or left field. What's more, both songs clock in around seven minutes, giving Hollagramz a chance to explore the sound for an extended period of time.

The lead track, "Galactic Leash," continues the Hollagramz pedigree of mystification and nostalgia. The whole track sounds something like a ancient puzzle, waiting for the listener to unravel the mystery, but never offering enough clues to do so. While a synth layer flows across the track, it never comes off as too clean, instead relying on the occasional detune or bitcrush to remind you it's being made by a human, not a machine.

"Smoking Mirror," however, comes across as an erratic, shape-shifting robot song, touching down for mere moments before morphing into something else entirely. It has some of the daydreaming aspects of the first track, but the shifts make it feel more like a catnap than a full blown dream.

Neither of the two tracks are as head bobbing as some of Hollagramz's previous work, but both are standouts in the catalog for their own reasons. It's only a slight tweak to the its typical sound, but its different enough to take notice.