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Fucked Up pays tribute to Wax Trax with a custom 7-inch on Record Store Day

Fucked Up frontman Damian Abraham loves vinyl. And Denver. When we last spoke with him about a year ago, he sang the praises of bygone Denver punk bands like the Frantix and Bum Kon, an act he also namedropped in a Spin article.

"I wish I could just be satisfied owning a reissue or owning a CD-R or owning an MP3 of these songs," Abraham shared with Michael Roberts. "But there's something about touching the past through this record. Knowing that the seven-inch you're holding, Ian MacKaye actually folded and sold at a Minor Threat show. The providence of that makes it so exciting - makes it feel slightly more real, even."

Abraham and his co-horts, who've released somewhere around three dozen 7-inches, share a similar affinity for record stores like Wax Trax, where the act played an in-store last year. It's also one of ten outlets the act has reportedly chosen to honor on Record Store Day (Saturday, April 17) by by releasing a limited edition single.

The Wax Trax version of the 7-inch, which features two songs from the band's Daytrotter sessions and a track not on Couple Tracks, will be identical to those for the other stores, with the exception of the cover art, which was submitted by the folks at Wax Trax.

<a href="">The Murderauder Rides (sample) by TAUNTAUN</a>

On a related note, Tauntaun is also issuing a limited edition 7-inch, The Murderauder Rides, in honor of Record Store Day tomorrow, and will once again shake the plaster from the ceiling tomorrow afternoon at Wax Trax (see part of their performance from last year after the Iuengliss clip below).

[original post: 2.16.10 | updated: 04.16.10]