No more live music after next month at PT's Club Inferno

Throughout the late '60s, 1601 West Evans was a prime destination for live music, with acts like the Doors, Cream, the Grateful Dead and Van Morrison performing in the space now occupied by PT's Showclub. Four years ago, rock returned to the building when the folks at Left Nut Entertainment started bringing in a flood of rock, metal, funk and blues into Club Inferno, housed upstairs in the club.

But after October 3, the place will once again go quiet -- at least in terms of live music. Although Club Inferno still has shows lined up for the next few weeks, including one this Saturday, September 25, with Burn Down Valor, Animus, All Set and Crusher Bound Cadillac, among others, the club will not be bringing in bands after that, says Jacob Althoff of Left Nut.

The Doors at Family Dog - 09.30.67