Failure's Ken Andrews on the Absurdity of Hair Metal

Failure is slated to perform at Riot Fest this Friday, September 19th. Though the band enjoyed a great deal of popularity during its first run before splitting in 1997, its influence has loomed large on a good deal of guitar rock that has come along since. If someone writes a book like Our Band Could Be Your Life about the '90s, Failure would certain deserve a chapter as a band whose impact continues to be felt and whose records have aged very well. The group got back together to perform for the first time in close to seventeen years in February 2014 at the El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles, its home town. We had the chance to speak with the group's affable vocalist, Ken Andrews, about how a noisy alternative rock band with space rock tendencies functioned in the glam rock era of Los Angeles, his role in contributing to Blink-182's 2004 self-titled album and how becoming fathers was the catalyst for Failure getting back together.