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Reminder: Some Dudes Attempt to Replicate OK Comptuer Tonight at Oriental Theater

Dig OK Computer? What am I saying? Of course you do. That's like asking if you'd be into a mind blowing, marathon toss with Claire Forlani on the banks of the French Rivera, followed by a fresh Dunhill and a man sized plate of Krispy Kremes.

Mmm... Claire Forlani... donuts...

What? Oh, um, right. Where was I...?

Oh yeah, Radiohead. OK Computer. Right. Tonight, at the Oriental Theater, evidently this drummer dude named Damon Scott (Angie Stevens, Tito Del Barrio Malaga) will attempt something that no rank and file musician should ever attempt -- and I mean, neva, eva, eva, as my man Smoky would say, and especially not without supervision.

Scott has purportedly assembled a crack group of musicians to replicate The Greatest Album Ever Made in its entirety (Pshaw, right, man! That's like trying to replicate the paintings on the Sistine Chapel. Might as well set about building a scale model of the Empire State Building out of match sticks on your lunch hour. Just saying).

Be there to witness the most stellar, impressive feat of our time or the most spectacular public flame out since Mike Tyson went OJ crazy and chomped off a hunk of Holyfield's ear. Either way, you won't want to miss this.

-- Dave Herrera