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Tennis takes on New York

Okay, the level of attention Tennis has attracted is officially absurd at this point, especially considering the short amount of time the act's been together and the ridiculously low number of shows that it has played thus far. Don't know if you caught this, but in advance of its pair of shows in NYC last week, Tennis snagged a nice little write-up on the New York Times blog.

The item, which, of course, makes mention of Patrick Riley and Alaina Moore's sailing trip, also sheds light on something we weren't aware of, the fact that the couple was inspired to craft its sound after hearing "Baby It's You" by the Shirelles, a tune they had never heard before, at a bar in the Florida keys. That exposure, in addition to favorable notices the outfit has received on Gorilla vs. Bear, Pitchfork and Brooklyn Vegan evidently paid off -- at least that's what we gather from BV's recap of the show:

"The crowd at most shows builds with each additional act," writes Brooklyn Vegan, "but for Wednesday night, the trajectory for the evening was a bit unique. The room seemed to be the most crowded for Tennis - not a bad feat for a band making its very first appearance in the city."

Indeed. Even more impressive for an outfit on its first tour. From the sounds of it, though, no one's more surprised by the attention than the band. We had a brief exchange with Moore earlier this summer, and she pointed out how the interest in the band has come as much of a surprise to her and Riley as it has to everybody else. And in his A.V. Club interview with Matt Schild, Riley talks about the unexpected buzz and how the band hasn't taken it to seriously.