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Uptown Brothers Brewing plans to put the brewing in its name

Nine months after Uptown Brothers Brewing Co. opened on East Colfax, the craft beer and sports bar finally has the gear it needs to back up that name.

Last week, owners Paul and Nancy Lumbye bought three 31-gallon fermenters, a brite tank and the other equipment they'll need to fulfill Paul's dream of becoming a professional brewer; an attorney by trade, Paul has been home brewing for ten years.

"It took a lot longer than I thought," says Paul, who went into business first with a regular liquor license before switching it to brewpub license.

Now that he has the equipment, his plan -- pending approval from the city and his landlord -- is to set it up out back in a small patio area tucked between Uptown Brothers and an apartment building. If all goes well, he'll start brewing outdoors in June.

"You can tell from my menu that I like IPAs," he says, adding that he hopes to start with a Belgian IPA, a subtly smoked porter and a dortmunder lager. Paul has won a home brewing medal for that last beer, as well as an IPA he made.

Uptown currently has 32 beers on tap -- including several hard to find beers like Russian River Blind Pig and Mad River Steelhead 2IPA -- and sixty or so in bottles. When he starts brewing, however, he plans to add ten more taps: five for his own stuff.

In August, Paul addressed customer questions about how he could call his place a brewing company when he wasn't actually making any beer, and whether that was misleading.

"Brewing my own beer is the ONLY reason I am in the restaurant business," he wrote on the Uptown blog. "I had ZERO desire to run a restaurant, outside of that restaurant providing me the only realistic opportunity available to me, a 56 year old home brewing attorney with no commercial brewing experience, to brew my beer on a commercial basis."

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