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Kentucky Fried Chicken's new original-recipe cookies -- a half-baked or extra crispy idea?

The forces-that-be at Kentucky Fried chicken have constructed the ultimate in culinary cross-marketing: combining KFC's fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies with its original-recipe fried chicken to create an original-recipe cookie formula. It's a clucking weird idea, but are these new hybrid cookies the next big thing for KFC -- or an idea that needs to get dumped into the nearest fryer?

People on Facebook are "like-ing" the idea.

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The marketing folks at Kentucky Fried Chicken have a pretty solid rep for cooking up and serving comfort foods that customers want -- after all, these are the same PR wizards who brought us the Double Down fried chicken-bacon-cheese sandwich with no bread bun -- and their addition of fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies to the menu is charming the dollar bills off of diners. KFC also just introduced a holiday meal aptly titled the "Festive Feast," which includes eight pieces of chicken, two sides, four biscuits and a dozen chocolate chip cookies for $19.99.

And then there are the new, prototype original-recipe seasoned chocolate chip cookies -- KFC's own creation, with the cookies containing the Colonel's original blend of eleven herbs and spices. But sadly, the cookies do not contain actual chicken.

According to a KFC press release, "The chefs in the KFC test kitchen have taken note of a rush of new recipes featuring a combination of sweet and savory flavors. And as the keepers of both the Secret Recipe for the Colonel's fried chicken and a new, proprietary recipe for chocolate chip cookies, the KFC team started thinking about combining the two flavors. Might it be time to give America's favorite cookie recipe a 'taste-lift'?"

Apparently these secret recipe cookies have passed approval on Facebook, with KFC Facebook fans (the "hit-like-rs") and the social media validation was sufficient to have the chicken chain actually finalize the recipe. "Move over bacon cupcakes! There's a new sweet and savory treat in town. Well, at least it's available in our hometown test kitchen," says Bob Das, KFC corporate chef. "The Original Recipe Cookie is a treat like no other and what makes it so fun is that it was our social media fans who inspired us to develop this prototype recipe."

And whether the new cookies make it into stores anytime soon is up guessed it...Facebook fans. KFC is asking Facebook cluckers to vote online, and so long as the status of the cookies isn't "It's complicated," then ordering "a dozen original recipe" will soon take on a whole new meaning for KFC customers.