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Reader: How will Cantina Bell taste when the food's made by a stoned teenager?

Taco Bell is rolling out a more upscale menu on July 5, and after eating a test dinner hosted by America's Next Great Restaurant chef Lorena Garcia, Jenn Wohletz suggested that the "Cantina Bell menu may make Chipotle a little nervous."

Only if Garcia stays in the kitchen, doubters respond.

Says Scott B:

Of course the stuff at the press junket hand prepared by the TV chef was tasty. What really counts is how it tastes when it's thrown together by a sullen, stoned high school student.

If you walk past a Chipotle to spend $5 on a Taco Bell burrito, you deserve a nasty case of salmonella and a punch in the balls.

And of course I'm sure Yum Brands will share Chipotle's drive for natural meat sourcing. And by "natural," I mean they're working on resequencing chicken DNA so they can create a chicken-fungi hybrid and grow breast meat in big stainless steel vats.

Will a Taco Bell menu by any other name -- say, Cantina Bell -- smell as sweet? Post your thoughts below, or join the conversation already under way here.