Second Helpings

Scoop up the best cone in town at Skoops Ice Cream & More

Skoops Ice Cream & More didn't make our list of the best ice cream parlors in Denver, mostly because we gave precedence to spots that make their own ice cream.

Still, the shop, which opened in the Capitol Hill neighborhood just last year and sources its frozen treats from Boulder Ice Cream, which is an admittedly excellent ice creamery, offers plenty of reasons to visit. Besides people-watching and lovely outdoor dining on the sidewalk covered with tables topped with tiny bud vases, Skoops turns out a formidable list of sandwiches made with good, fresh ingredients. Our favorite is a particularly excellent BLT that features chopped-up bacon (so you get a mouthful of smoky pork in every bite), ripe tomatoes, good greens and spicy aioli on ciabatta.

Skoops also features what may be the best ice cream cone in town.

We're fervent fans of the happy marriage of salty and sweet here at Cafe Society, especially in dessert, when all the sugar can become cloying. Skoops achieves the ideal balance by offering up a crackly but firm salted pretzel cone, which goes a lot further than the waffle or cake cone in enhancing an ice cream eating experience. When we stopped by last week, we learned that the pretzel cone is particularly delicious with anything chocolate- or toffee-based.

And since It's going to be a scorcher today, that seems like a good reason to give it a lick.