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Reader: The hipster ratio at these bars disqualifies them as real dives

Yesterday we released our updated list of the best dives in the metro area, and the comments have been fast and furious. Mostly furious. Some people are peeved we included their favorite bars -- which means they'll be more crowded -- and others are irritated that we ignored their favorite bars. Some of the snubbed were the usual suspects -- Don's Mixed Drinks, for example, which we consider renovated beyond dive status. But others suggested by commenters create an excellent excuse to get out and bend an elbow this weekend.

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There's also some dispute over the definition of a dive bar, a definition more fluid than stuff poured in the place: Says Phillip:

The hipster ratio for most of these bars is far too high for a real dive. If there hasn't been a stabbing within the month, it's not a dive bar.
And then there's this from Heidi:
I love how the people pounding booze at these dives still look great/are in such good shape. Way to go, CO.
What do you think disqualifies a bar as a true dive? Too many hipsters? Too many healthy drinkers? What do you consider the ultimate dive in metro Denver?