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Sugar High: Nutella Marshmallow milkshake from HBurger Co

Key ingredients in the Nutella marshmallow milkshake at HBurger: ice cream, Nutella, marshmallows and liquid nitrogen. While the first three ingredients might seem like no-brainers, liquid nitrogen certainly isn't a familiar component to ice cream. But fans of Ian Kleinman's molecular gastronomy won't be surprised to see the famed cryogenic liquid making a guest appearance.

Kleinman blends the milkshake with housemade ice cream, milk and Nutella, then adds liquid nitrogen to the mix, which allows for a controlled freeze. The claim is that the quick cooling forms smaller ice crystals, the result of which is a creamier milkshake. The shake is topped with tiny marshmallows, which also get the liquid nitrogen treatment before they're lightly scorched. So, instead of the gooey warm mess you'd expect, the marshmallows are cold and crisp - and yet, they taste exactly how you'd expect them to taste if you toasted them over an open flame.

Science aside, the milkshake is a thing of beauty. Kleinman topped ours off with a hit of liquid nitrogen poured from a giant metal jug that produced a swirl of smokey gas. The top of the milkshake become a little frozen cap, but the straw easily tapped into the interior, which was as smooth and cold as promised. The chocolate hazelnut blend worked with the toasted marshmallow flavor to invoke a flavor reminiscent of s'mores. Though it seems like it should be heavy, it's immensely drinkable and was a refreshing companion to lunch.

While Kleinman obviously gets a kick out of playing with the different textures liquid nitrogen affords him, he admits that there was a bit of a learning process to figuring out exactly how everything would work. "The first couple of times, there was chocolate milkshake all over the back wall," he confessed.

Watch for new milkshake flavors and specials, like a seasonal farmer's market shake, to start up once the warm weather hits.

Nutella Marshmallow milkshake $6.50