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Wendy's wants to keep it real, but sometimes reality bites

Wendy's, which touts its "real" food, had a real mess on its hands at a Kalamazoo, Michigan outlet when a fight broke out after an order wasn't filled correctly.

Officers were called to the scene, where they "encountered a loud disturbance between unsatisfied customers and frustrated employees inside the business," according to one news report.

What was the cops' first clue that the customers were unsatisfied? That they were at a Wendy's?

As the story goes, when four hungry occupants in a car pulled up to the drive-thru window to retrieve their meals, they did not get the desired grease-fried patties. The fearsome foursome brought the order mix-up to an employee's attention -- and a food fight broke out, with the would-be customers tossing burgers, beverages and fries at the window-dressing employee. The employee retaliated by tossing his own liquids, ketchup and fries back at the car.

With their car covered in condiments, two of the occupants made their way inside Wendy's and began fighting with other employees, throwing chairs and punches.

The employees told the police that the fracas was the result of a "communication breakdown," and that the entire incident could've been taken care of quietly if the customers had just been civil.

The only thing that's going to be civil here is their appearance in court: Two of the numbskulls were charged with assault and excessive noise, the other two with assault and battery and disturbing the peace.

Just keeping it real.