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Golden City Brewery searches for new drinking digs

The Golden City Brewery, 920 Twelfth Street, has long seen crowds packed into its beer garden on Fridays and Saturdays, but now that it's also maxed out its brewing capacity, it's looking to move.

Owners Charlie and Janine Sturdavant are pretty adamant about finding a unique property, though.

"Charlie and Janine are committed to having us maintain our individualism in a new property," saysLori Deakin, a long-time employee. "They also want to stay very local. We've got a clientele that likes to walk or bike here, and they don't want that to change."

The eclectic property is a machine shop onto which additions have been built over the years, and the broad patio is filled with imbibers guzzling pints and dipping complimentary pretzels in sinus-clearing hot mustard.

Recently, the Sturdavants made an offer on the historic Golden post office, but they were refused; that property was taken off the market today until economic conditions improve. So they'll have to keep looking.

"We're not looking to move as fast as possible," says Deakin. "We're looking for the right spot."

A spot, she hopes, that will afford them the ability to build an expanded kitchen offering a limited menu, since right now the only food they serve, besides those pretzels, is frozen pizza.