Cafe Society

Del Taco, the friend-zone Mexican fast-food restaurant

It had been a few years since I'd cheated on Taco Bell with Del Taco -- and even then, I'd smuggled in Taco Bell sauce packets to use on my Del Taco food. It's not that I thought Del Taco was that inferior to the Bell; I'd just somehow fallen into treating it as the backup guy, the permanently friend-zoned spot that never gets a chance to be my number-one taco squeeze. Could Del Taco ever escape that friend zone? When I heard about the new, kickass dollar menu and something called a CrunchTada Pizza, I decided it was time to give Del Taco another twirl. Besides, I was hungry -- and I realized the Del Taco at 14400 East Colfax Avenue in Aurora was closer than the nearest Taco Bell.

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