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Denver Beer Co will use pedal power tomorrow to grind its malted barley

If one cyclist left Denver Beer Co at noon, traveling at fifteen miles per hour, and another left from the City and County Building at noon, traveling at 10 miles per hour, how long would take them to grind up 500 pounds of malted barley?

The answer may never be known.

But tomorrow the owners of Denver Beer Co will at least find out how long it takes a bike-powered grain mill to chew up that much barley when they fire up a new contraption provided by their Platte Street neighbor, Salvagetti Bicycle Workshop. The mill -- Denver Beer Co's original small one 0- will be hooked up to a bike on a spinning stand.

Once the barley is ground, Denver Beer Co will use it in a special beer it's making to benefit the nonprofit BikeDenver. Incredible Pedal IPA will be tapped on April 28 after the organization's annual Spring Ride, and $1 from each pint will go to the group.

"It is surprisingly easy to use," says Denver Beer co-owner Patrick Crawford. "Most people ride at about fifteen miles per hour on average, so it should take about an hour of pure pedaling. But it will be longer as we change riders."

At tomorrow's event, however, BikeDenver members and prospective members will get to try their legs at the bike mill. The pedaling starts when the brewery opens at noon, and prizes will be awarded for the best outfit. The goal is to demonstrate the green power of bicycle pedaling to create an earth-friendly brew.

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