Openings and Closings

Provisions Chophaus and Drinkery Closes After Only Eleven Days

In a record-setting summer of Denver bar and restaurant openings, there was bound to be some fallout. But usually the shakeout starts six to twelve months down the road, when guests start to dwindle or bad business plans become exposed. Unfortunately for the management and staff at Provisions Chophaus and Drinkery, eleven days was all it took before the place went dark. The restaurant's Facebook page indicates that ownership strife is to blame.

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As first reported on Eater Denver, co-owners and chefs Donne Briggs and Adam Sutter are in the midst of a financial squabble, as evidenced by this message left on the restaurant's website:

I'm so sorry to all the great people who have supported our great restaurant. The idea was great and our core staff was dedicated and amazing. Unfortunately due to one bad apple we have to close the doors. But this is an amazing country with some great laws, so that bad apple won't get too far from his arrest warrants. But thank you again for everything. Amen.

While the bad apple isn't named, a mess like this can taint the whole bunch. If there's any upside, it's that with Denver's exploding dining scene, the suddenly out-of-work employees should have no trouble finding jobs.

And in the meantime, the Provisions spot at 1550 Blake Street -- a black hole on an otherwise very bright block for Denver dining -- is again vacant. Past tenants include T|ACO, 8 Rivers Cafe and a sporting goods store.