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Readers: Keep corporate cookie-cutter carts off the 16th Street Mall

The Downtown Denver Partnership has been working hard to increase the mix of menu options on the 16th Street Mall, expanding hours as well as offerings. "One of the things we've been striving for for the last couple of years is to increase the quality, predictability and overall appearance and image of the vending program on the 16th Street Mall," says the DDP's John Desmond. But some old vendors don't like the new rules. "We're independent vendors who are limited in budget and resources," says Mohammed Elaemi, who runs Shondiz, a kebab stand. "Who can really do six or seven days a week as individuals? We'll wear out in a couple of months."

Says Stretch:

The Partnership is risking coming across as a bully . . . whether they want to or not. Increase the flexible hours and favor the independent operator, the little guy. There is enough corporate cookie cutter stuff already.

Responds Jonesdrug:

I like everything Desmond has to say EXCEPT that he doesn't say he will rule out corporate leases. Corporations should not be allowed to lease and then game on. Sorry Shondiz, but I wish you were open on the weekend or later so I could miss the lunch rush and downtown traffic.

What's your favorite vendor on the mall? What vendors would you like to see added to the mix?