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Follow up on Star Kitchen

Okay, so I have a little more info now, courtesy of someone who talked with the chef (through translators) just the other day.

Come to find that the chef who bailed out of Super Star is the new owner of Star Kitchen (along with his wife) -- the two of them long-time veterans of the restaurant scene, though fairly recent transplants to Denver. His name is Jong Ng and, apparently, his leaving has caused something of a stir -- the beginnings of a dim sum war along Federal Boulevard.

And while sure, I'd hate to see anyone suffer or have hurt feelings over the departure and advancement of former staff, I am just self-involved enough to not care all that much. After all, I've been at Super Star on weekend mornings when the wait for a table was better than an hour, which should be proof enough that there's more than enough dim sum devotees prowling the storefronts of Denver's Asian neighborhoods to support two (or three or four...) excellent dining rooms. To me, one more dim sum restaurant just means that much more salt-and-pepper shrimp and har gow dumplings for your's truly. -- Jason Sheehan