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Win tickets to meet-and-greet with Anthony Bourdain

Know why we're awesome? Because we have two tickets to attend the exclusive meet-and-greet with Anthony Bourdain, Mr. Kitchen Confidential himself, Anthony Bourdain, when he comes to town to talk food and travel on Wednesday, November 18 at the Buell Theatre.

Know why we're double awesome? Because we're just giving those motherfuckers away.

Of course, there's a catch. We're gonna make you work for 'em. My original thought? An essay contest whereby you clever readers would, in the guise of Senor Bourdain, write an apology to the city of Denver for certain assurances that Tony made on his TV show, No Reservations, about never, ever coming back to the Mile High City and having no interest whatsoever in our little corner of the Rocky Mountain West.

He was a bit hasty in saying that there was nothing here that was worth his time, apparently. A sell-out crowd coming to hear him talk and answer questions? That, I guess, was enough to lure him back. But there's so much more for him to discover in Denver.

Here's what Bourdain told the Denver Post, explaining his aversion to our town: "I love the Rockies, but I had a bad experience the last time I was here," he said, referring to his 2002 trip to tout A Cook's Tour. "I was looking around for something to eat and I did a lot of walking. It was not promising, what I was seeing them. It was terrifying."

So we've decided to help him out. Here's all you have to do to enter our contest for the Bourdain tickets: Come up with three places where he should go while in Denver that will make him re-think his earlier dismissal of our fair city -- and explain why in the comment section below.

Best answer wins the two tickets, which not only get you into the lecture, but let you get up close and personal with Bourdain,