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Reader: Good riddance to Las Margaritas

Las Margaritas poured its last marg last night. After 25 years, the restaurant has closed for good, and the space will become the home of Robert Thompson's reincarnated Argyll Whiskey Beer, which looks like a good fit for this increasingly vibrant stretch of East 17th Avenue. Some people will miss the veggie enchiladas at Las Margaritas. No one will miss the bathrooms. See also: Las Margarita on 17th Avenue is closing.

Says Will:

It was a neighborhood favorite of ours when it first opened there, but has steadily gone down hill in recent years. The service and food were so bad the last time we stopped in over the past few years that we vowed never to go in again. Good riddance, we look forward to something new going in there.
Other Mexican restaurants in town boast even longer histories than Las Margaritas -- and many more fans. What's your favorite old-time Mexican spot in the metro area? Your favorite newcomer?