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Cruising for baklava: a honey of a mission

Not long ago, I wrote an ode to the joys of the baklava at Ali Baba Grill in Golden. Soon after, we had another piece -- a Sugar High report -- concerning the baklava at Jerusalem.

And then I got this note from Jeff, the baklava maker at Phoenician Kabob (5709 East Colfax Avenue):

I always enjoy reading your reviews in Westword. Recently I read your review of Ali Baba Grill. I noticed that you very much like baklava. Unfortunately, only I make the best baklava that has ever been made. Like God it is perfect, but every day it becomes more perfect. If only people had children as beautiful as my baklava. I made it fresh every day myself at my best friend's restaurant. I am not looking for a review but would just like to share between one person and another some really good food. You can come any day but Sunday. The restaurant is called the Phoenician Kabob. Ask for Jeff.

Now, I have never been to Phoenician Kabob, but certainly does seem sure of himself. So I'm putting it out to you, the readers. Anyone ever had Jeff's baklava? Is it really as good as he claims? Because if it is, that's absolutely one place I've got to stop by before I skip town for good.