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First look: food porn from Tom's Urban 24

In case you've been lost in the woods, Tom's Urban 24, a 24/7 grub house with a menu that spans pages -- and cuisines -- opens on Larimer Square on Halloween, and last week, we brought you exclusive photos of the two-tiered space, which is a kitschy, artistically whimsical combination of modern nuances and retro accents.

And earlier this week, I went back to feast on a wide selection of dishes, which owner Tom Ryan describes as "familiar food with modern twists and turns." And he's right -- the menu trots through burgers and burritos, tacos and salads, pho and pancakes, and while a menu of this magnitude can be intimidating, it's well thought out, and far shorter, admits Ryan, than when he first designed it. "The menu started out 300 times larger than what it is now, but we whittled it down based on consumer feedback and what the kitchen staff could handle," he explains, adding that he's "bringing everyone's favorite foods under one roof."

Herewith, a photographic journey (albeit an abbreviated one) through the menu.

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