Word of Mouth

City O'City and WaterCourse Foods fire up the Steamin' Demon at Civic Center Park

Denver's mobile food scene just keeps rolling. Today's Civic Center Eats Outdoor Cafe will mark the third outing for the "Steamin' Demon," a new vegetarian and vegan food cart from City O'City executive chef Chris Medved and sous chef Max Maxfield. The two are keeping company with several other mobile food vendors, including the Gastro Cart, Steuben's and Biker Jim's.

After noticing at the first event that no one was offering a cold sandwich, Medved and Maxfield came up with a vegetarian bánh mì that turned out to be a good call. The $7 sandwiches, along with everything else, sold out in an hour and a half.

Regular menu options include drinks, desserts and a vegetarian loko moko ($9), a take on the Hawaiian specialty, featuring white rice and a veggie burger patty with a fried egg and mushroom gravy. "It's a big bowl of deliciousness," promises Medved.

The "finca mesa" salad ($8) features greens from WaterCourse and City O'City owner Dan Landes's own garden, along with strawberries, white beans, red onions and an ambitious-sounding espresso mint vinaigrette. Offerings will change depending on what's available. "As we get more produce from the farm, we'll be using it," Medved says.

Landes found the former hot dog cart (it literally said "Mexican Hot Dogs" on it, Medved says), on Craigslist and went from there.

You can also find the Steamin' Demon every Sunday at the Old South Pearl Street Farmers' Market and Maxfield is working on getting the Steamin' Demon up and running at other locations in the near future. In fact, he's currently in talks with Great Divide Brewing Co. about having the cart available before Rockies games.

Civic Center Eats takes place every Tuesday at Civic Center Park from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.