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Migg and Mutts Craft Creamery goes into Guinness Book of World Records with 985 flavors of ice cream

After experimenting with unique ice cream concoctions in a three-quart mixer in the kitchen of Crook's Palace in Black Hawk, Matt and Mike Casarez set out to break the Guinness World Record for the highest number of ice cream flavors on display at one time.

And they just got it: After an official count on July 17, the brothers will go down in the record book for showcasing 985 different types of ice cream in one venue.

The pair wanted to double the previous record of 521 flavors, so they came up with 1,000 combinations before they started churning six flavors a day -- one quart at a time -- back in January. And while they've listed the 1,001 varieties they had on display for the official tally, the judges didn't find sixteen of the flavors they'd made and so set the record at 985.

Now that they've reached that milestone, they're expanding their ice cream business, albeit mostly in wholesale form at first: The brothers have started making ice cream for Sushi Den, and they're working on getting it into other restaurants, too.

And, of course, they'll continue to mix up small batches of innovative flavors in their kitchen for the Crook's Palace menu..