Cafe Society

Guess where I'm eating?

Without question, breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, although I rarely touch food in the morning (unless you count coffee with cream as a food group), so the all yolk-y eggs, bacon (and more bacon), ham (one slice is never enough), sausage (double that), fresh blueberry flapjacks, eggs Benedict and scrapple (I love the stuff!) that I crave are almost always saved for the afternoon hours, usually after the stroke of noon, which means that when I need my fix, I've got to hit up a joint that does the morning stuff all day long.

Like the honky-tonk hole-in-the-wall where I hauled my butt right up to the counter, didn't even open the menu and ordered a Denver omelet (eggs soft), hash browns (extra butter), sour dough toast and two sausage patties, because, as Alice the server says, "They're a whole lot better than the links, hon. Not as greasy, ya know?"

Yeah, yeah, I know, but do you...know where I'm eating?