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Boulder Farmers' Market, week two: From duck eggs to salmon

The Boulder Farmers' Market on Saturday, April 13, is one of those variable Colorado days when you're not sure whether to wear a coat, a jacket or a heavy sweater -- and you find yourself peeling off layers as the morning advances. JJ in his wheelchair and Raelene wearing her trademark cowboy hat hold down both ends of the one-street market, selling the Denver Voice.

This is a prime location for selling, says JJ, and he loves coming here even though he has to take the bus from Denver very early in the morning if he's to hold on to his spot. Locations at the market are highly prized because Boulder people are so friendly and generous, he tells me, and the market is such a celebratory event. When he gets bored, he'll roll over to the edge of the bordering park to watch the kids playing.

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