Molson Coors will launch Animée, a beer for women

After spending two-and-a-half years and a boatload of money on research, Molson Coors learned that women don't drink beer. At least, 79 percent of the women they studied don't drink beer. And since that represents a sizable market untouched by the brewing industry, the company decided to craft a beer and market it specifically to women.

This fall in the United Kingdom, the company will launch Animée, a line of brews that come in in feminine packaging, in such flavors as "clear filtered," "crisp rose" and "zesty lemon" -- all with the added benefit of being bloat-resistant.

And Coors isn't the only company going after this apparently delicate-palated, gas-averse group: Carlsberg, a Danish beer, is introducing Copenhagen, since the brewer believes there's a group of people out there -- women, most likely -- who want a beer that's "a real alternative to white wine and champagne."

Something light and crisp. Kind of like Coors Light -- except with flower flavoring.

There's no word on if and when these beers might cross the Atlantic, but in the meantime, we lady drinkers can totally drown our sorrows in vodka sodas, Mike's Hard Lemonade and Michelob Ultra. Or Smirnoff Ice. Unless, after the Bros Icing Bros phenomenon, that's now a dude thing. Cheers.