Word of Mouth

Colorado lays claim to Australian, and now Icelandic, yogurt

Is regular yogurt the new frozen yogurt? Or perhaps ethnic regular yogurt is the new regular yogurt? With Boulder-based investment company Revelry Brands' acquisition of a minority stake in Siggi's Icelandic-style yogurt, Colorado companies now have a vested interest in the yogurt stylings of two different countries.

Bellvue's Morning Fresh Dairy is responsible for Noosa, the Aussie-cultured yoghurt that came out last fall, and according to Revelry, which has also invested in EVOL burritos, the Siggi's investment will take advantage of what it describes as the "recent upswing in the natural 'thick' yogurt category."

Siggi's yogurt is made exclusively with skim milk and prepared via a straining process that the company says leaves it with more protein than other yogurts.

Siggi's has eight flavors -- twice as many as Noosa -- including orange and ginger, acai and grapefruit. Noosa sticks with more straightforward flavors, which include mango, raspberry, blueberry and honey.

Frozen yogurt hasn't exactly been forgotten either. While TCBY has been pretty much confined to airports, gas stations and malls, frozen yogurt shops continue to pop up and draw crowds. In just the last few months, three new frozen yogurt shops -- Cherry on Top, Yogurt Guru and Pinkberry -- have started sweetening the Denver scene.