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iChef: the idiot-proof oven

At its most basic level, the iChef is an oven for the culinarily challenged. The high-tech gadget comes equipped with a picture-enhanced autobake system: select a photo of a dish, and the oven does the rest at the proper temperature. That feature works with some commonly made foods and a few dozen recipes held in the appliance's system.

But this isn't just an adult's Easy Bake Oven. In idiot-proofing its product, manufacturer Gorenje has definitely streamlined the cooking process and made life easier for cooks at any level of proficiency.

Have a recipe you make a lot? The oven will store it for you, ensuring that it cooks at the same temperature every time. Need to defrost, cook, then keep something warm until dinner? The oven's step-cooking feature lets you do it without touching a setting. Hate opening the oven door a hundred times to stick a thermometer in a loin? This baby's got a built-in meat probe, so your cut of meat will come out perfectly temped, every time.

And, yes, you can use it as a normal oven, too.

The high-tech baking machine starts shipping in Europe this spring.

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