Openings and Closings

Abo's, formerly Circle Bar, closes on Pearl Street to make way for the Kitchen Cafe

Last month the Kitchen's Hugo Matheson and Kimbal Musk picked up the lease on along, narrow spot at 1035 Pearl Street in Boulder, where, come spring, they'll open the Kitchen Cafe, a pub steeped in the food values of the Kitchen.

In doing so, they'll try to rid the spot of its curse: Steve Abramowitz pulled the plug after holding the lease for just under a year.

Abramowitz is the founder of Abo's Pizza, and operates over a dozen outlets of that restaurant on the Front Range. When Seven Eurobar fell dark last year, he attempted to add another nightclub to Boulder's downtown, the trippy Circle. When that failed to gain traction in the first few months, switched the space over to another Abo's, which featured a much deeper bar than most of the pizzerias.

Sadly, though, that bar didn't help -- crowds circumvented the concept for the rest of the West End of Pearl Street, and Abo's recently went dark.

It will remain dark while renovations are completed to transform the space into the Kitchen Cafe.