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Internet relaunch of Gourmet magazine to go live later this year

Despite the fact that Gourmet magazine had, more or less, run its culinary course by the time Condé Nast yanked it from the world of print food porn back in November of last year, I'll admit that I kinda miss it. I've still got a hundred or so back issues of the pub gathering dust on my bookshelves, and I'll occasionally pull one out, stroke it, sigh, shove it back between May and July and flip open Saveur.

Ever since Gourmet's demise, there's been talk of a relaunch, and it appears as though that's exactly what's going to happen. Sorta. Earlier this week, Condé Nast announced that the former glossy pages of the culinary mag would be re-inaugurated as Gourmet Live, a web-only, app-ready, social media-savvy, registration-based collection of videos, recipes, photos and articles.

And the brass behind the launch have even put together a nicely packaged intro video, narrated by a perky voice who exalts its endowments, which should be available on a technological device stuck to your hip later in the year.