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How we baked a marijuana apple pie for the Denver County Fair

UPDATE: Our pie won second place in its category at the Denver County Fair's pot pavilion; only an infused parfait managed to edge it out. Entries in other categories included marijuana vegan corn dogs, cookies, and, of course, plenty of brownies.

Straight off the cooling rack, the pie hit all the right notes. Its filling was gooey and sweet, full of chewy chunks of apple, its Dutch-style crust crumbly and buttery, with pleasant herbal overtones. This pie wouldn't have been out of place at a family picnic or Thanksgiving dinner -- if not for the fact that it was packed to the rim with marijuana.

We'd decided to bake a weed-infused pie in order to do our bit for the upcoming Denver County Fair. Inspired by Colorado's legal-weed wave, earlier this year the fair announced it would have a pot pavilion that put a stoner spin on traditional county fair festivities, complete with Grateful Dead karaoke and a prize for the best marijuana plant. In the months leading up to the fair, the buzz around the pot component grew big enough that organizers axed a planned beer pavilion and doubled the area devoted to cannabis.

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