Five favorite stuffed-dough dishes in Denver

The menu at Bocadillo, Derek Dietz's casual restaurant in Sunnyside, is short, with only a dozen or so choices. And while the lineup frequently includes soups, a salad and a few entrees along with the snacks, you never know what form these dishes are going to take, given how often Dietz changes things up. That's why I didn't hesitate to order the buffalo empanadellas when I saw them on the menu one night. They sounded terrific, especially to a stuffed-dough loving girl like me, and I didn't want to save them for another time and risk missing out. While I liked much about Bocadillo, I wasn't wowed by those empanadellas, which could've used more pop in both the filling and the sauce. But that got me thinking about other stuffed dough I've loved along the way. Here are five of my favorites. See also: Bocadillo is back, cooking up plenty of simple pleasures