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Reader: Let's Have a Panel of Experts Judge Between Black Sheep and Rosenberg's!

It's been a big summer for Rosenberg's Bagels & Delicatessen, which opened in July in a Welton Street storefront and has been packing in the customers ever since. But owner Joshua Pollack's claims that he makes an authentic "New York-style" New York native Eden Myles has spent years in the bagel biz in Denver, so when Pollack opened Rosenberg's Bagels & Delicatessen and started touting his authentic "New York" bagel, got a rise out of baker Eden Myles, who insists that his Denver bagels are better.

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Myles's criticism of Rosenberg's inspired this from AnnaConda:
Does this dude realize that he sounds like a total douchebag? The Denver restaurant market is very competitive right now, but you don't see chefs talking smack about each other in the local media; they're usually very supportive of one another. This guy needs to STFU; let his bagels do the talking if he thinks they're so superior.
But then there's this from WillieStortz:
The only thing that reminded me of New York at Rosenberg's were the prices.

Bagel Deli on Hampden is still the top bagel in Denver.

And Jordan suggests:

Let's get a panel of experts to be the judge between Black Sheep and Rosenberg's!
Have you been to Rosenberg's? Have you tried a Black Sheep bagel? Who do you think makes the best bagel in town?