Openings and Closings

Fat Bros hopes to be "the fun spot in RiNo"

Derek Macias, a tractor/trailer driver for UPS, was heading to work one day when he saw a for-sale sign on the building at 3763 Wynkoop Street that once held Hospoda, a strange little Czech restaurant that served oddly great green chile.

That sign spoke to him. "I've always wanted to do a bar," says Macias. "But this is the first bar I've ever opened."

He opened it last month, and Fat Bros is now serving breakfast, lunch and dinner (Mexican and American food, not Czech) seven days a week, as well as hosting a DJ on Friday and Saturday nights. The DJ is Macias's cousin Joe, who used to DJ at KDKO. The bar is "kind of like a family thing," Macias explains.

In fact, another cousin, Gary Padilla, is working with Macias at the bar. "We're cousins, but we're more like brothers," he says.

That explains half of the bar's name. The other half? "Because me and my brother are a little chubby," Macias admits.

Which means that Fat Bros' will put a strong emphasis on what comes out of the kitchen. But the brotherly cousins are also offering a generous happy hour, from 8 to 10 a.m. and again from 5 to 7 p.m.: 32 ounce beers for $3, and $2.25 domestic bottles.

Business is building, and since the bar is just off Brighton Boulevard, this month's Stock Show traffic should help out. But Macias and his cousins hope their place becomes a regular stop for folks who live or work in the neighborhood, and are calling Fat Bros "the fun spot in RiNo."

Drink enough of those cheap beers, and the bar should have no problem living up to that billing.

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