Eating Adventures

Boulder's Walnut Cafe gets ready to unveil a food truck

At least once a month, we like to spend a lazy Saturday morning at Boulder's Walnut Cafe, 3073 Walnut Street, or the South Side Walnut Cafe, 673 South Broadway, stuffing ourselves on a plate of eggs and bacon while drinking strong black coffee and reading the paper.

So we're thrilled that owners Julia Buonnano and Dana Derichsweiler have picked up a food truck and plan on taking the cafe's act to the streets.

That vehicle, which is currently undergoing its transformation into a mobile kitchen, will proffer a scaled down version of the restaurant's menu.

"We'll serve wrapped up stuff that's easy to eat on the go," says a general manager at the South Side Walnut Cafe. "For instance, the Eggs Marcos will be served in sandwich form." (The Eggs Marcos is a deliciously heart-stopping combination of eggs, cream cheese and bacon.)

With their new-found mobility, the owners plan to concentrate on Boulder, but they'll also bring the goodness of the Walnut Cafe down to Denver. The truck's masterminds are still working out the details of where.

The vendor is slated to hit the pavement in three weeks.