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Reader: Burger Joints Are the New Faux Irish Taverns

Sunnyside Burger Bar will open next week, in the completely rebuilt home of Longo's Subway Tavern, which closed two years ago. The news inspired the usual geographic nitpicking (Sunnyside actually starts on the north side of West 38th Avenue), the usual Northsider dissing of hipsters -- and one unusual observation on the sudden boom in burger joints....

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Says Martin:

Are any of the original north siders allowed in there or only the new yuppies like every other new place in the sunnyside?

Kelly is taking a more open approach:

I am sad that Subway is no longer. I grew up getting pizza there and it was the best! I hope the best for Sunnyside Burgers as the neighborhood needs an overhaul and a good clean up!

And Philip takes a broader look at the dining scene:

Burger places are the new faux Irish taverns.
What do you think of the changes in Highland? In Sunnyside? And which new burger joints have you tried?