Five great joints for a late-night bite in Denver

Denver's late-night dining options are growing.

Last week, I had nothing but love for Euclid Hall, 1317 14th Street, which proffers its gravy-laden poutines and plump homemade sausages into the wee hours, making it a great alternative to 24-hour diners and pizza parlors. We love those places too, of course, but sometimes we want, well, something else.

So here are four more spots to add to Euclid for a list of our top five late-night joints offering up something other than coffee and eggs or a cheese slice.

Chubby's, 1231 West 38th Avenue We've paid many a cab driver for a detour to Chubby's, just so we can score take-out and get something -- anything -- smothered in the green chili, which rests at the precise level of spiciness that convinces you to keep eating just to put out the fire. Our favorite drunken order is a plate of green chili cheese fries -- and maybe a green chili-injected grilled cheese sandwich or two for the cab ride home.

Interstate Kitchen & Bar, 901 West 10th Avenue From a space modeled after a highway roadhouse, Interstate Kitchen & Bar serves its dinner menu -- which includes such soul food classics as fried chicken with pork belly green beans and a pulled pork sandwich with onion rings -- until midnight. And snacks like deviled eggs, mac & cheese and fried chicken livers are available until 1:30 a.m., when, more delightfully, they're also available at happy hour prices.

JJ Chinese Seafood Restaurant, 2500 West Alameda Avenue JJ Chinese is one of our favorite Cantonese spots in Denver, a place were we can get spicy short ribs, squid served in a variety of preparations, and dim sum while we sit beneath the fish tanks that line the walls. Since sometimes we crave those dishes late at night, we're very grateful to JJ, since the eatery is open until midnight.

My Brother's Bar, 2376 15th Street My Brother's Bar once hosted such notable members of the Beat generation as Jack Kerouac and Neal Cassady. Today, misanthropes still drink in its dark rooms until closing time. When we're there for a beer, we often can't resist a burger -- particularly a double with a couple of patties coated in cheese and served wrapped in parchment paper. The burgers are juicy, greasy, perfect when paired with beer-- and available until last call at 1:30 a.m.

And one more late-night option is on the way: Green Russell has announced that when it opens in its subterranean digs in Larimer Square next week, it will serve food until 2 a.m.